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Rick Glaser is an inbound marketer that specializes in SEO, PPC, and link building. His resume includes sites within the business financing, and addiction related industries. Rick has been an online marketer for over 6 years, and enjoys the ever changing industry.

Rick’s approach to link building involves creating high quality content that other sites want to mention, and share. This includes white papers, and authoritative guides that will be mentioned over time by other sites of importance. Acquiring links and mentions from educational, and government websites is something that will have a major impact as time goes on. When Rick is acquiring these links the focus is not only on the impact it will have in search engine rankings, but also the referral traffic it will drive, along with the vote of confidence that the website owner is offering when providing that link.

While managing a PPC campaign, the main goal is not surprising: To drive the highest quality traffic, for the least amount of money possible.Along with Sean Callahan, Rick has been able to cut the budget of one client in half, while also increasing visits, and more importantly, conversions.

With all campaigns, Rick’s focus along with the focus of everyone at Website Consultants Inc., is driving traffic that converts. Rick has seen sites that receive 100 visits a day outperform a site that receives thousands of visits per day strictly because of the source, quality, and intent of the visitor.">
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