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Meet our small but very dedicated team that makes the magic happen


Chief Executive Officer

Sean is a front end developer, Internet marketer and user experience designer. Sean has a wealth of experience including designing and developing hundreds of websites in various industries. He has excelled by placing a strong emphasis on conversion rate optimization and usability. Sean has been a part of a long list of successful Internet marketing campaigns. Sean Callahan is a co-owner of Website Consultants, Inc and can be reached at (more…)


Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Glaser is an inbound marketer that specializes in SEO, PPC, and link building. His resume includes sites within the business financing, and addiction related industries. Rick has been an online marketer for over 6 years, and enjoys the ever changing industry. Rick's approach to link building involves creating high quality content that other sites want to mention, and share. This includes white papers, and authoritative guides that will be mentioned over time by other sites of importance. (more…)


Chief Technology Officer

Yanko is the Chief Technology Officer for Website Consultants, Inc. Basically, the smartest guy in the room - he holds degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering. Yanko develops everything from simple Wordpress themes to enterprise live custom applications. He is a specialist in both system administration, software and PLC programming. Yanko also speaks three languages; Bulgarian, Russian and English.



Martin is a developer at Website Consultants. He studied communication and information systems as well as software engineering. He holds a Masters degree in engineering and holds certification for information security and defense.



Tanyo is a developer at Website Consultants. He studeied Applied Mathematics and Business Information at the University of Plovdiv and holds bachelor degrees in both.


Account Manager

Seamus is one of the newest members to the Website Consultants team and a lover of simple, effective design. He works closely with our clients to make sure their needs and his drive for design excellence coincide. He quickly developed a passion for design and front-end development which has never left him, and now acts as our master of all things WordPress.

A lot of happy costumers Are saying good things about us

You know how much respect I have for you [Sean] and Rick. You guys are awesome, and I think you feel similarly about me. We all are trying our best, and I think smart guys like us that are honest, hardworking and straightforward will always do well.

Jon Parks // Baltimore, Maryland

A lot of happy costumers Are saying good things about us

I’ve worked with Sean and Rick for about 3 years now and I couldn’t say enough good things about them and their team. All around solid people and they do excellent work…I mean, just Google any keyword they helped me with and I’ll be #1.

Chris Fuller // Seminole, Florida

A lot of happy costumers Are saying good things about us

When starting my company, I was looking for a firm that could help with all aspects of my online presence. I am glad to have found the guys at Website Consultants Inc. They help with everything on my websites, and best yet, pushed them to the top of the search engines. They offered the “total package” from beginning to end.

Blake Houser // Miami, Florida
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